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    Christian & Faith-Based Counseling

    Do you find yourself desperately wanting help with your mental health but really wanting your faith to be integrated into your treatment. Or maybe you are struggling to bridge the gap between what your faith teaches and how you are currently living or want to live your life.

    Some common issues that you might be looking to resolve include…

    • Maybe you are trying to understand why your strong faith may not be “solving” your mental health struggles.
    • You may be struggling with extreme guilt and/or shame because of past or present decisions that seem to not be aligned with you religious beliefs.
    • Maybe you are struggling with sexual orientation or gender identity questions, but do not know how to manage this while still maintaining your religious beliefs.
    • You may be struggling in your marriage where trust has been broken because of infidelity.
    • You may feel trapped in a relationship with a partner who does not share or understand your faith which causes you significant distress.

    Whatever the concern may be related to your faith and mental health, our counselors have many years of experience providing counseling to individuals with many of the above listed challenges, and many more. Our work together will consist of a thorough initial evaluation which includes an extensive spirituality assessment. The next step is to identify 3-5 therapy goals that you are looking to work towards that will in turn assist you in better managing your mental health. Finally, with therapy goals as the framework, you will continue your journey to better understanding yourself, your current situation, and learn effective methods to address identified issues that negatively impact your mental health. Throughout your therapy journey, you will begin to feel more in control, have a better understanding of yourself, and feel more aligned with your faith.

    We know that it is not easy to face these issues head on, but doing it alone feels far more overwhelming. Our trained therapists will support you in navigating the most effective ways to move from the sadness, anxiety, and distress you may feel, to having more clarity and confidence in yourself, and your faith.